PRivate Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions with Barb allows you to focus on your specific needs and goals while you gain insight into your yoga practice helping you learn how to use your practice to support, nourish, and guide you in your life. During each 60 – 75 minute session, you and Barb will create a practice that aligns with your current interests, needs, and goals for your yoga practice to help your practice evolve and truly make it your own. When we continue to explore our own practice especially in a personal setting between teacher and student, we can find this process a “coming home”, and we will continually work together to hone your practice to explore practices and techniques to allow this process to take shape. These practices can include breath, movement, relaxation, meditation, sound, ritual, yoga philosophy and contemplative practices or other techniques that resonate with your changing interests and goals. The practice of yoga is a personal journey of inquiry and discovery; thus, discussion with your teacher can be just as relevant as physical and other practices to help you understand how your practice can help you align with your life in a manner that is more mindful and directed by your insights so that you are living a life authentic to you. At the end of each session, you will receive your home practice via email so that you can immediately start your work at home.  

Your first session with Barb is an intake session and 90 minutes in length where you and Barb will decide what goals to initially focus on and you will leave with a short practice to integrate into a home practice.  

Fees for Private Yoga Sessions

60 - 75 minutes: $75

90 minutes: $90

Initial 90-minute consultation: $90

4 Session Package (Includes initial 90-minute consult and 3 follow-up sessions): $285

Payments are currently accepted via cash, check, and credit card. Credit card payments will have an additional 3% convenience fee

Please check with your health savings account (HSA) plan to see if yoga is covered since many HSA's consider yoga an allowable expense as more physicians and health practitioners are prescribing yoga for their patients


Barb sees clients at: 

Om Ananda Yoga Studio at 115 N. College Avenue, Suite 200, Fort Collins, CO

Taproot Wellness and Bodywork at 148 Oak Street, Suite C, Fort Collins, CO

Request your appointment below:

Note: Barb accommodates clients with disabilities at other offices in Fort Collins. When making an appointment, please make sure to mention in the comments if you will need special access such as a ramp or elevator. 

For all private yoga instruction sessions, several forms are required. You can download and print these forms by clicking on the buttons below:

Please complete the private yoga information form and send back to me via email at: at least two business days before your first appointment. All other forms can be completed and brought to your first appointment.