Small Group yoga therapy

Small group yoga therapy classes are for those with specific conditions or need extra time in a slower-paced class. These classes are offered periodically to support those with physical discomfort (such as back pain or neck and shoulder pain), chronic pain, chronic illness, chronic fatigue, stress management, neuromuscular conditions (MS or Parkinson’s), and stress management.

These group classes encourage communal support and camaraderie to offer a welcoming and healing environment. Classes are kept small so that your needs are addressed within the group setting. The pace of these classes is slower to support safety and promote a learning environment for all participants. The goal of yoga therapy is to help empower you to learn how to help yourself so these groups help you do this in a friendly, encouraging, and sharing community.   

Most classes include breathing techniques, gentle movement, inquiry around your condition, relaxation, and sometimes meditation as appropriate. Postures are adapted for your specific needs so we regularly use chairs and other yoga props to help assist us in our classes to optimize your experience. Participants leave feeling empowered to help themselves decrease their pain and tension, help find balance in their nervous systems, and understand more about how they can shift their relationship with their condition to live life more fully while finding a greater feeling of confidence, ease, and peace.

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